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I'm All About Cool - Deuce n' Domino
Deuce, Domino & Cherry fan community.
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20th-Jul-2010 11:47 pm - Hello!
WWE - Drew - Sinister Scotsman
As a safety precaution so this comm doesn't get deleted with the purging of accounts LJ is doing, I'm just posting a quick thing here to have a recent update. I'd like to keep this around as an archive, and who knows, maybe there will be more posted here eventually if there's any interest.
14th-Jan-2009 01:21 pm - Raw Results - 1.12.09
WWE - Drew - Sinister Scotsman
Backstage, Mickie James is talking to Cody Rhodes about the horrible snowstorm going down outside right now. Cody concurs and wonders why they are even in Iowa but he is interrupted by Sim Snuka and Manu. They are angry that Cody joined Orton without them. Cody said he made the most out of his opportunity and says they would have done the same thing in his shoes. Manu gives warning to Cody that they are coming after Orton tonight and Cody is either with or against him. Sim says they brought some backup tonight, someone who feels the same way and is second generation just like them. Cody wonders who it is as Sim and Manu walk off and we go to break.


Orton is celebrating in the ring but we are joined by Manu and Sim. Manu says that Orton should listen up and they ask Cody is he is with them or with Orton. Sim says they brought backup and out comes Ted DiBiase. DiBiase leads Manu and Sim to the ring as Orton stands alone. Sim and Manu circle around all three men slide inside and face off with Orton. Cody slides in now and he two stares down Orton. They all start to close in on Randy, but he attacks Sim. Cody and DiBiase help Orton and the three of them beat down Sim and Manu. Orton tells Ted to watch Manu as he pulls Sim up and tosses him to Cody. Cody drops him with the STO and then Orton has Ted drop Manu with the Million Dollar Legsweep. Orton, DiBiase and Rhodes walk off as Sim and Manu are left lying in the ring.
10th-Jan-2009 11:35 pm - Some news & results.
WWE - Drew - Sinister Scotsman
411mania.com has listed the following award for Deuce & Domino:
  • 3rd Place: The Greasers (Deuce & Domino) (WWE SmackDown!) - Worst tag teams of 2008

Of course, we all know that's not true. But I won't go into a rant here. =o)

Also, the same site also has a small piece on Deuce's new gimmick Sim Snuka. You can read that here.


RAW Results 1.5.09

Cody Rhodes & Sim Snuka def. Cryme Tyme; Snuka taken out of the running for Randy Orton’s group.

Phase two of gaining membership in Randy Orton’s new group consisted of Cody Rhodes & Sim Snuka facing Cryme Tyme in a tag team match. The two second-generation Superstars attempted to show exactly why they should be chosen, with Rhodes scoring the pinfall victory for the team. Though technically Snuka won the match as well, it was not a good enough showing for Orton, who promptly removed him from the running, declaring him “the weak link.”
10th-Jan-2009 11:20 pm - More Domino Pics!
WWE - Drew - Sinister Scotsman
Ok, I've slacked in posting these, but I've uploaded a total of 48 new Domino pictures to cliffcompton.net that I scanned in not too long ago.


Full galleries are: here for candids and here for miscellaneous.

Appearances by several people including Deuce, Cherry, MVP, Undertaker, Hornswaggle, Chavo, Jimmy Snuka and more.
8th-Dec-2008 07:52 pm - Domino picspam...
WWE - Drew - Sinister Scotsman
New Domino pics from Timmy Baltimore's Myspace:

Yum..Collapse )
WWE - Drew - Sinister Scotsman
By James Caldwell, PWTorch columnist

Former WWE diva Cherry (Kara Drew) was released from WWE in August, and she says there is a lot more she can offer in pro wrestling than what she was allowed to show on WWE TV.

"That was just a character," Drew told Tommy Fierro on the Who's Slamming Who podcast. "I am capable of doing a lot more in a different way."

Drew says she was limited by her character as the valet to Deuce and Domino in WWE, but she's continuing to improve in the ring on the independent scene with an eye on TNA.

Asked about the TNA knockouts division, Drew said, "I watched it before my career with WWE," and she's a fan of the work done by Angelina Love and Velvet Sky in the Beautiful People group.

Now back on the independent scene, Drew is convinced there is a dip in interest for independent wrestling. "Wrestling is at a lull right now," she said. "We are at our deepest point at the moment. There aren't that many shows going on and there aren't as many big crowds."

Whether it's the lack of new talent or a saturation of the wrestling market, Drew hopes independent wrestling can make a turnaround when the audience level has fallen off.

Link: The full interview can be heard on the Who's Slamming Who podcast page.

FYI: Cherry be facing TNA's Roxxi at a December 5 show promoted by Tommy Fierro at the 3-2 Count Athletic Facility in Freehold, N.J. Also booked on the card are Nunzio, former WWE developmental wrestler Danny Inferno, Crowbar, Danny Doring, and Ace Darling. For further information, email info@fanslamwrestling.com.

Credit: http://pwtorch.com/artman2/publish/WWE_News_3/article_27877.shtml
16th-Nov-2008 12:16 am - More Domino pics..
WWE - Drew - Sinister Scotsman
Ok, so these have been around for a little while now but I just never posted them.

Here at my site are some pics from Halloween and Domino/CM Punk's birthday party. All from Joey Mercury's Myspace page:


My favorite is definitely this one:

Not that we should all be surprised. LOL.
19th-Oct-2008 05:30 pm - Summer Skin Picture
There was one picture leaked from Cherry's Summer Skin set. It's pretty big, here's the link. I'm still looking for the rest of the set and hopefully they do get posted eventually.
6th-Oct-2008 02:53 pm - Small bit of 'news' on Domino.
WWE - Drew - Sinister Scotsman
PWInsider's QA feature a reader inquired about "Domino" Cliff Compton since his release from WWE and Mike Johnson noted he had heard several WWE Talents (no specific names) had recommended him to both TNA and ROH when his 90 Day No Compete clause expires. If there was ever any interest in taking a looking at him at a time where they could find a spot for him, I wouldn't oppose it. Maybe I'm biased because I loved The Untouchables gimmick and wish WWE had done something to explain it instead of throwing them out there cold, but I think Compton could be a solid addition to anyone's roster with the right opportunity. On paper he might not seem as if he'd fit the ROH style but I'm sure someone had those thoughts about a lot of our alumni that hit it big eventually.

Credit: here

Sorry, there hasn't been much news lately. I'm working on finding out more.
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